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Chemical Injection Pumps Arrow Chemical Pumps

Chemical Injection Pumps Arrow Chemical Pumps

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Chemical Injection Pumps Arrow Chemical Pumps

Arrow Engine

- A tradition of excellence since 1955


Arrow Engines are designed for continuous duty 24 hours a day, day after day. Dependable performance when you need it. Arrow's heavy duty design features a heavy flywheel, a governor speed control, and a pressurized full flow lubrication system to assure continuous operation.

Our C Series line of engines encompasses models with hp from 5 to 75, and speed ranging from 300-800 rpm. The C Series has been tested by time in the field for over 60 years and is a proven worker with incredible longevity and durability. We continue to refine the design to provide ever greater efficiency of operation and reduced emissions.

Arrow's Certified K SeriesK6 engine is our newest addition to our single cylinder line of engines. With 6 hp and 400-800 rpm, it is a perfect engine to run in place of an electric motor in situations where dependability, lack of electric, availability of natural or wellhead gas or longevity of the engine are factors. This diminutive engine features the same qualities as our C Series, including the heavy flywheel to provide smooth high torque operation at low speed

The L Series L-795 is the most substantial of the large flywheel engines - with twin Cylinders, continuous hp of 78.3 at 600 rpm, it is the engine of choice for difficult locations. These are beautifully engineered engines, in the field for more than 70 years, are one of the most durable and long lasting engines anywhere.


Arrow multi-cylinder gas engines are intended for portable and stationary applications such as pump jacks, material handling, portable water pumps, and generator sets. They are four stroke, high speed, overhead valve engines, available in four- and six-cylinder versions.


Arrow Engine stocks a vast array of replacement parts for a wide variety of engines. We carry nearly every replacement part you need to keep your engine running longer and better. When your engine needs repair, ask for genuine Arrow manufactured replacement parts.


Arrow's VRC-2 is a two-throw separable reciprocating gas compressor. The use of a pressurized lubrication system, highly efficient Hoerbiger valves, industry proven accessories, innovative engineering design, and close attention to quality make the Arrow VRC-2 unequaled in the industry.


Arrow Engine offers OEM manufactured ASME code vessels, separators, coalescers, process equipment, meter tubes, skid mounted meter runs, packaged measurement stations, and AGA gas measurement equipment.


Arrow's Chemical Pumps field proven designs are available in all the variations of volume and power source you might need — from micro-quantities to hundreds of gallons per day, in beam operated, pneumatic, and electrically powered models.

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Chemical Injection Pumps Arrow Chemical Pumps
Chemical Injection Pumps Arrow Chemical Pumps
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