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Bigovshchik-perforator AUTOMATIC Boway K330C in Bak buy in Baku
Buy Bigovshchik-perforator AUTOMATIC Boway K330C in Bak
Bigovshchik-perforator AUTOMATIC Boway K330C in Bak

Bigovshchik-perforator AUTOMATIC Boway K330C in Bak

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandBoway


The automatic bigovshchik of Boway K330C is focused on the printing houses rendering services to the operational press and specializing in production of folders, cards, invitations, menu, covers for CD and DVD, etc. Especially successfully these cars supplement a technological chain with the digital printing machine. The main goal of these cars — as much as possible to reduce time from an idea to realization.

The main feature of this model is successful combination of scoring, longitudinal cutting and perforation in one model. The possibility of installation to three modules of longitudinal cutting or perforation increases universality of the car.

Pneumatic supply of paper:

  • Pneumatic supply of paper with a belt of transfer and vozdukhorazduvy (without rollers) provides an expanded possibility of supply of paper even if it is chalk overlay paper. Bigovshchik Boway K330C works with a wide range of papers from 80 g/m2 to 400 g/m2.

Depth of a big:

  • Three position control of depth of a big, from the control panel, optimize work with paper of the necessary type and density.

Informative ZhK display:

  • Bigovshchik has big and convenient ZhK the display, pneumatic samonaklad, and an opportunity previously to adjust up to 30 necessary programs of work.

High speed:

  • High speed of processing to 50 sheets a minute, provides fast performance of work on scoring. An automatic bigovshchik of Boway K330C about 15 races for one pass, without fall of a toner are capable to execute at a bend of lines.
  • The model of a bigovshchik of Boway K330C carries out a qualitative bigovaniye without marks and scratches, effectively works both with offset, and with the laminated prints.
  • All functions completely automatic that gives high efficiency to the car.
  • Installation of additional optional functions, as much as possible increases functionality of Boway K330C. The sensor of submission of the double sheet prevents interruptions in paper supply. The module of an air razduv reduces a static stress of sheets in the giving tray. It is possible to add the bigovalny Boway K330C car having installed the additional module of longitudinal cutting.


  • Convenient ZhK display;
  • To 30 programmable modes;
  • An opportunity to process the wide range of papers;
  • About 15 races for one pass are capable to execute;
  • Sensor of submission of the double sheet (option);
  • Possibility of installation of the module of longitudinal cutting
  • Pneumatic supply of paper and air knife for the best division of sheets and prevention of supply of the twisted paper;
  • Absolute safety of operation;
  • It is equipped with system of noise reduction.
  • Table support


  • Module of an air razduv;
  • Module of longitudinal cutting;
  • The knife is longitudinal;
  • Sensor of a double leaf;
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Bigovshchik-perforator AUTOMATIC Boway K330C in Bak
Bigovshchik-perforator AUTOMATIC Boway K330C in Bak
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