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Biohumus - mineral fertilizer for vegetable cultures buy in Baku
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Biohumus - mineral fertilizer for vegetable cultures

Biohumus - mineral fertilizer for vegetable cultures

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  • BrandAgribioekotex
  • Country of manufactureAzerbaijan
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  • PackagingPolypropylene bag
Biohumus - mineral fertilizer for vegetable cultures

The biohumus is a humus organic fertilizer, the main product of processing of manure and composts by means of technological earthworms. In other words, the biohumus is a manure or compost which passed processing in an organism of earthworms. As a result of the biological transformation happening in intestines of worms, the nutritious insoluble substances inaccessible to plants will be transformed to states, soluble, available to plants.

Besides, the biohumus brought in the soil gives it more granulated structure that allows to hold soluble (mobile) nutrients in close proximity to root system of plants. The specified structure of the soil also holds nutrients from washing away in the lower layers of the earth. Owing to it the most part of nutrients in a biohumus is used for designated purpose and it it is necessary much less, than manure or humus per unit area of a bed.

The mechanism of action of a biohumus is based on two complementary effects:

  • the biohumus provides the balanced ratio of macro and micro elements that stimulates fast development of root system of plants at an initial stage of their growth;
  • the microflora which is in a biohumus decomposes organic components, forming directly in a zone of absorption of root system nutritious digestible substances, prolonging effective effect of fertilizer for the entire period of vegetation.

The main advantage of a biohumus is that it surpasses manure and other composts in the maintenance of a humus at 10-15 times. The biohumus not only completely replaces manure, but also possesses in comparison with it valuable additional properties, such as: a big moisture capacity, hydrophily, mechanical durability, a granulirovannost (and granules have high durability).

Existence of a large number of useful microflora, various enzymes, soil antibiotics, vitamins, growth hormones.

Important and the fact that use of a biohumus gives fertility improvement does steady against a wind and water erosion.

At application of a biohumus the amount of nitrates in vegetables decreases at 7-10 times, productivity increases and resistance of plants to diseases and wreckers (immunity rises) increases, tastes of vegetables and fruit considerably improve, the term of their storage increases.

Decrease in amount of nitrates is explained by the fact that the biohumus is fertilizer of a biological class, at its entering into the soil contents in it useful pochvoobrazuyushchy microorganisms which connect excess mobile nitrates increases, thereby, supporting intake of nitrogen at a natural optimum level.

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Biohumus - mineral fertilizer for vegetable cultures
Biohumus - mineral fertilizer for vegetable cultures
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