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Liquid mineral fertilizers. Biot-max. for plants buy in Baku
Buy Liquid mineral fertilizers. Biot-max. for plants
Liquid mineral fertilizers. Biot-max. for plants

Liquid mineral fertilizers. Biot-max. for plants

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandAgribioekotex
  • Country of manufactureAzerbaijan
  • DesignПо согласованию
  • Release formSolution
  • PackagingPlastic Bottle
  • Water-solubleхорошая
Liquid mineral fertilizers. Biot-max. for plants
This new biological, environmentally friendly liquid fertilizer. Increases quality and efficiency of plants for 50-80%. Irreplaceable means for development of root system of plants, stability against diseases and penetration of radionuclides. This bio-fertilizer, is made from the BIOHUMUS. As a part of a preparation there are all necessary elements which promote increase of immunity of plants.
The preparation "BIOMAKS" is an extract from waste products of hearts and soil microorganisms. It contains a certain amount of free amino acids. The average content of amino acids in a preparation fluctuates within/44 - 61/Х10 in the 5th degree of g/l. Content of humic acids in working solution makes less 5g/l. Humic substances are emitted from vermikompost. Preparation VIOMAH differs from other similar preparations in the fact that in it concentration of humic substances by 10 times is increased, a number of macrocells/N, P,K/and minerals/Mg, S, Fe, B, Mn, Cu, Mo, Zn/are entered in addition.

The preparation comprises all components of a vermikompost in the dissolved and physiologically active state. Bactericidal and fungitsitny properties of a preparation are caused by presence of the bakteriostatichesky proteins secreted by tissues of the earthworm, and the antibiotics allocated by saprofitny intestinal microflora of an earthworm in the course of a vermikompostrovaniye. At not root processing there is an increase of efficiency of cultural plants which can speak a set of influences of humic substances on fiziologo-biochemical processes of crops.

The preparation possesses the following properties:

  • Increases viability of seeds (energy of germination of seeds);
  • Stimulates a powerful branched korneobrazovaniye of plants;
  • Promotes fast rooting of shanks;
  • Stimulates growth and accelerates development of plants;
  • Improves and accelerates an oblistvennost of plants;
  • Increases immunity of plants to various diseases;
  • Reduces the content of nitrates, etc. toxic chemicals in agricultural. production at 8-10 times;
  • Interferes with intake of heavy metals and radionuclides in rastenyakh;
  • Increases the content of sugars, proteins and vitamins B fruits and vegetables;
  • Eliminates hloroz and stimulates development, and especially, blossoming of houseplants;
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Liquid mineral fertilizers. Biot-max. for plants
Liquid mineral fertilizers. Biot-max. for plants
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