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Press the HT-C-2 Laminator in Bak buy in Baku
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Press the HT-C-2 Laminator in Bak

Press the HT-C-2 Laminator in Bak

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Azerbaijan, Baku
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandBoway

Technical characteristics:

  • Material:plastik (PVC)
  • Maksimalnaya Square laminirovaniya:210kh297 mm (A4)
  • Productivity: 300 cards an hour
  • Quantity of layers in a bookmark: to 12 layers of A4 in one bookmark
  • The number of cards for a cycle: 100 cards
  • Quantity of compartments: 1
  • Adjustment of temperature: 0-200 C
  • Adjustment of time: 0-999 sec.
  • Maximum davleniye:1 ton (manual)
  • Cooling: water-air
  • Power: 2,5 kW
  • Elektopitaniye: 220 V, 50 Hz
  • Dimensions (SHKHVKHG): 750х780х510 mm
  • Dimensions in packing: 800х840х520 mm
  • Weight is 130 kg

Complete with the press laminator it is delivered:

  • 2 metal pallets
  • 10 glossy mirror bilateral plates A4 format

AGGLOMERATION of sheet plastic:

Before beginning to cement pvc pvc plastic, it is cut at first on an agglomeration format if it is necessary, and then put in a certain sequence:
  • laminate for plastic (glue part to plastic) + the face 0,3mm (a glue layer of plastic) + (a glue layer of plastic) / 0,3mm the back + a laminate for plastic (glue part to plastic).
  • From above the collected layer stack a metal leaf with a bilateral smooth surface and again collect layers of a laminate and plastic. So proceeds several times (10-15 repetitions) and at the end a bookmark which is located in a compartment of the thermo CARDPRESS JP-120H press laminator is formed.
  • In the thermo CARDPRESS JP-120H press laminator the necessary pressure and layers densely is set nestle to each other. Temperature and time of agglomeration after which layers of plastic form monolithic preparations is set necessary.

Quality of a lamination is reached by a right choice of balance of the modes at which the laminate already densely sticks together with plastic, but does not melt yet and does not distort geometrical parameters of the image. Thermo press laminators are easy-to-work and imeet control of temperature, lamination time, in some models and working pressure.

The strong metal design of all press laminators with exact mechanics guarantees receiving high-quality production.
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Press the HT-C-2 Laminator in Bak
Press the HT-C-2 Laminator in Bak
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