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Propylene glycol (propylene glycol)

Propylene glycol (propylene glycol)

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The minimum scope of supply from 200 l, a barrel. 

Name: Propylene glycol

Other names: pro-pan-diol, dioxypropane Formula: C3H8O2 Group: industrial chemistry Look: the colourless viscous liquid possessing the hygroscopic Supplier properties: LLC Company Plazma ® Packing: barrel of 200 l. Producer: Holland Propylene glycol represents colourless viscous liquid with a slight characteristic smell, sweetish taste, possessing hygroscopic properties. Is diatomic alcohol. Exists in the form of two isomers: 1,2 propylene glycol and 1,3 propylene glycol. 1,3 Propylene glycol are more reactive, than 1,2 propylene glycol, and are inclined to polymerization.

Density: 1,0363 g/cm ³, melting temperature: -60 °C, temperature of boiling are 187,4 °C.

Propylene glycol is received from oil products by methods of sublimation, cleaning with the subsequent approbation on purity and compatibility with cages of an animal origin. The propylene glycol received in the industry by hydration of an oxide of propylene represents racemic mix of both optical isomers (ratsemat).
The name is formed from the name of the hydrocarbonic radical - is sawn through by addition of the word "glycol" meaning - diatomic alcohol.

One of interesting properties of propylene glycol is its ability to dissolution of both hydrophilic, and hydrophobic substances that allows to mix by means of it substances which in itself do not mix up. In difference from ethylene glycol, diethylene glycol and some other glycols - propylene glycol in small and average doses is safe for an organism and can be applied in food and pharmaceutical industry.

Use of propylene glycol.
Propylene glycol in the form of water solution is used in various industries as a hladonositel (heat carrier) of the refrigerating (heatexchange) appliances, including in systems of heating, ventilation, conditioning of premises, in cooling systems of food productions when cooling various foodstuff up to the temperatures in the range from +12 to -50 °C, and also at submersible (emergency) freezing of berries, birds, etc. products.

The cosmetics and personal hygiene means, from shaving creams to lotions for suntan and ointments often contain a significant amount of propylene glycol as a softener and a humidifier. In cosmetics propylene glycol is used for preparation of elixirs, shampoos, emulsions, toothpastes, lipsticks and other preparations.
Propylene glycol is applied as solvent of fragrant substances, essential oils and by production of fragrances.

Propylene glycol also finds broad application in the food and beer and soft drinks industry as a food additive of E-1520 where it is used as solvent in production of soft drinks and syrups. As the softening, moisture-holding and dispersing agent it can be a part of cookies, low alcohol carbonated drinks, energy drinks, candies, swiss rolls and other confectionery. It is used when freezing berries, fruit, fowl. It is also applied at preparation of seasonings, extraction of spices from natural products (vanilla beans, coffee, cocoa); as solvent of fragrant substances, essential oils and by production of food fragrances.

In agriculture, the propylene glycol added to structure of forages do not exert direct nutritious impact on an organism of animals, but it promote improvement of quality of forages and slows down their damage. Propylene glycol is entered also for improvement of appearance of forages. It also is a part of the preparations of soothing action applied in veterinary science.

Propylene glycol is used in pharmacology as hygroscopic substance and as the bearing element or solvent in medical liquids and ointments. Esters with salicylic acid or its derivatives (propylene glycol air) possess antifebrile, anti-inflammatory and analgetic properties. It as good solvent of natural and synthetic substances, found the application at production of various tinctures, solutions for injections, ointments, wipings, etc.

Propylene glycol is applied in production of cigarettes, it is used also as softener at a reversing of cigars, in pipe, chewing and snuff tabak. It is used also in production of liquids for gas station of electronic cigarettes.

Propylene glycol is applied as softener of pitches, plastics, to greasing and preservation of packing machines in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, production of antifreezes which pressed the ethylene glycol used earlier for avoidance of damage of foodstuff and frosting of planes.

Safety requirements.
Propylene glycol in difference from many other glycols is nontoxical, is not dangerous even at long steam inhalation and does not cause poisoning at casual intake. Practically in all countries propylene glycol is recognized safe for use as a part of food, medicinal, perfumery and cosmetics.
However pure propylene glycol belongs to combustible flammable and explosive substances, though does not belong to highly inflammable liquids. Temperature of flash of undiluted propylene glycol makes 101-107 °C, ignition of 104 °C, spontaneous ignition of 421 °C. Area of concentration at which perhaps ignition makes 2,5-12,5% on volume. At ignition propylene glycol is recommended to be extinguished sprayed water, foamy, powder and gas fire extinguishing means.
Fire danger decreases at dilution by water. Antifreezes on the basis of propylene glycol do not burn.

LLC Company Plazma ® carries out deliveries of chemical production from a warehouse in Kharkiv in terms and for reasonable prices, on conditions, favorable to you.

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Propylene glycol (propylene glycol)
Propylene glycol (propylene glycol)
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