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Technical characteristics
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The updated A3 format model. Permission of the press 300 x 600dpi, the wide choice of functions and the modes of the press, a possibility of use of different types and formats of paper do this model by a professional risograph of initial level. The built-in computer interface and a possibility of the press with USB of the flash drive, do work even more convenient. And the new, simple touch LCD panel in use provides intuitive and clear management of functions. 

High speed of the press 150 str / min., allows SF 5350 to cope with the press of big circulations in the shortest possible time, providing improbable profitability and the press practically of any prints – from letterheads to envelopes, cards, leaflets, training materials and many other. 

As well as all devices of this series, SF 5350 it is equipped with system of intellectual quality control of the press RISO I Quality system offering a number of additional benefits, such as: automatic optimization of quality of the press, prevention of mistakes of the operator, control of a condition of expendables, minimization of a consumption of paper, etc. 


Method of press/production of the master Completely automatic pattern press / high-speed digital production of the master
Original type Book, sheet
Original size When using the scanner: 50 mm x 90 mm - 310 mm x 432 mm
  When using APO AF VII (option): 100 mm x 148 mm – 310 mm x 432 mm
Original density When using the scanner: weight is up to 10 kg
  When using APO AF VII (option): 50 g/m2 - 128 g/m2
Area of scanning (max.) 297 mm x 432 mm
Size of a printing paper 100 mm x 148 mm – 310 mm x 432 mm
Capacity of trays for paper 1000 sheets
Density of a printing paper Standard: 46 g/m2 – 210 g/m2
  When using Ustroistva for giving dense ̆ papers (option): 100 g/m2 – 400 g/m2
Modes of processing of the image The text, photos combined ̆, a pencil
Resolution When scanning: 600 x 600 dpi
  At the press: 300 x 600 dpi
  (Fast production of the master 300 x 400 dpi)
Time of production of the master About 20 sec. (for A4, a landscape, 100%)
The sealed surface 291 mm x 413 mm
Scaling Increase: 116%, 122%, 141%
  Reduction: 94%, 87%, 82%, 71%
  From 50% to 200% with a step of 1%
  Task of fields ̆: 94%
Press speed 60 – 150 prints a minute (6 levels)
Nastroika of a press position Down: ±15мм
  Across: ±10мм
Paint supply Completely automatic (1000 ml. in one ̆ to a tuba)
Giving/change of the master Completely automatic (A3: 220 frames in a roll)
Capacity of boxing of the used masters About 100 masters
Interfeis user LCD panel
Power supply 220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
The sizes (Sh x x In) When using: 1415 mm x 670 mm x 1065 mm
  At storage: 780 mm x 670 mm x 1065 mm
Weight 101 kg
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