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Risograph of Riso EZ 201

Risograph of Riso EZ 201

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandRiso
  • Country of manufactureJapan

The risograph of Riso EZ 201 is a low cost value, a high image quality, usability, productivity, long term of service and reliability!

With a risograph of Riso EZ 201 you will be able to increase volumes of circulations and to reduce the cost of copies. Riso EZ201 meets needs of different users and is simplest in use.

High quality of copies from any original.

The risograph of Riso EZ 201 perfectly copes with printing of the text, diagrams and quality photos are letterheads, koverta, leaflets, training materials and many other things.

Optimum result, the closest to the original.

For achievement of optimum result the risograph of Riso EZ201 has four image processing preset functions: the text, a photo combined (line/picture/removal of background color) and a pencil (is more dark/is lighter).

Clear display of the pencil text and prints of stamps.

Click "Pencil" for more clear display of the text and the lines drawn by a light pencil and also stamps (pechaaty).

More accurate photos.

Use a rastriovaniye (rough/thin) to receive more accurate copies from photos.

More quality printing directly from the computer.

The risograph of Riso EZ 201 has the optional Riso PC Interface Card USB 2.0 card which allows to print directly from the computer, having attached a risograph by means of an USB cable that provides high quality of ready copies. The additional Riso Network network interface card provides connection to office network.

Additional drum for color printing.

Color will help your documents to be highlighted. The easy image drum is installed without excess efforts therefore it is possible to change it for a drum of the necessary color. At your choice a wide range of flowers: 221 standard, 50 user, plus an opportunity to make paint by the individual order, for example, of unique corporate color.

Riso EZ 201 is a fast printing to 130 copies in a miinuta and a possibility of sorting according to groups.

The risograph of Riso EZ 201 is supplied with the Riso I Quality System system which offers a set of additional functions and conveniences, such as:

  • Automatic optimization of printing quality
  • Prevention of errors of the operator
  • Messages that the master film or paint come to an end
  • Minimizing an excessive consumption of paper

Riso EZ 201 — advanced model of a risograph Riso EZ 200. In the Riso EZ 201 model the universal design of the driver of the printer and universal color keying is used: new colors on a control bar. The digital risograph of RISO EZ 201 offers lower production expenses and higher speed of printing for achievement of bigger economy and productivity of higher, than copiers and printers are able to afford it.

Masters/printing production methods: High-speed digital production of masters / completely automatic stencil process
Original type: The book (to 10 kg), a leaf
Original format: When using the scanner: 50x90-310x432 mm
When using APO AF VI (option): 100x148-310x432 mm
Original density: When using the scanner: to 10 kg
When using APO AF VI (option): 50-128 g/m ²
Format of a printing paper: 100 mm x 148 mm - 310 mm x 432 mm
Capacity of trays for paper: 1000 sheets
Density of a printing paper: 46 g/m ² - 157 g/m ²
Image processing mode: Text (shaped), photo, kombinirovannyyyu, "pencil"
Resolving ability of printing: When scanning: 300 x 600 dpi
When printing: 300 x 300 dpi
Time of production of the master: About 20 seconds (for A4/landscape/coefficient of scaling of 100%)
Area of closing: 210 mm x 290 mm (A4)
Scaling coefficient when printing: Scaling: 50 - 200%
Standard coefficients of scaling (increase): 116%, 122%, 141%
Standard coefficients of scaling (reduction): 87%, 82%, 71%
Printing speed: About 60 - 130 sheets a minute (five changeable options)
Adjustment of a position of a print: In vertical direction: ±15 mm, in horizontal direction: ±10 mm
Paint: 1000 ml in one tuba
Master/removal: Automatic (pribl. 100 frames in a roll)
Boxing capacity for the used masters: 100 sheets
User interface: LED panel with indicators of execution of a task
Functions and modes: Auto-printing, paint regime of economy, the "pencil" mode, rasterization of the image, the printing mode "2 in 1", suppression of shadows from a book turn, the programming mode, the mode of automatic and manual installation of "idling", the mode of installation of initial parameters, the confidential mode, setup of a node of an output and laying of paper
Power supply: 220B - 240B, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions: When using: 1415 mm (Sh) x 655 mm () x 665 mm (V) At storage: 780 mm (Sh) x 655 mm () x 665 mm (In)
Weight: 100 kg
Additional equipment:
  • Riso PC USB 2.0 interface
  • Net board RISO Network Card
  • Divider of circulations of IV:N II
  • Device of automatic feed of originals AF-VI:N II
  • Additional drum
  • IV:N user ID
  • Table support D and N types
  • Case for paint and the master
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Risograph of Riso EZ 201
Risograph of Riso EZ 201
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