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S-Jet 25 - Laboratory steam jet mill

S-Jet 25 - Laboratory steam jet mill

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s - Jet ® 25 - Laboratory steam jet mill from the manufacturer for export.

Dry grinding to nanometer particle size.

The new s - Jet ® - 25 is a small, compact laboratory unit and a logical addition to the proven steam jet mill series - s - Jet ® - .

With this new machine, dry grinding at the nanoscale is made possible in the laboratory.

The system combines a spiral jet mill and an integrated dynamic air classifier. - High fineness of grinding is achieved regardless of the load. During the development of the installation, more care was taken to ensure that the resulting system is best suited for producing very small quantities and product samples.

General description:

The compact laboratory unit includes all the necessary components such as a dosing device, mill, separator, control panel, connecting elements and a steam generator on the bed. Only 3 m 2 is required to accommodate the complete steam jet mill , the required height is 2450 mm. All parts in contact with the product, as well as the frame, are made of stainless steel. The unit is delivered assembled ready for operation. The central location of the compressed air and electricity connections, water inlet and outlet ensures very short installation and commissioning times. - Further development emphasis was placed on ergonomic design and easy cleaning and condensation of steam used during operation. The system turned out to be flexible in assembly.

A dynamic air classifier built into the body can continuously adjust the required fineness of grinding. This guarantees precise adherence to the set parameters and reproducible results.

Even the hardest products are easy for this steam mill. Wet food can be minced and dried simultaneously with superheated steam, making pre - drying unnecessary.

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s - Jet ®

s - Jet ®

New s - Jet ® unit

The s - Jet ® system is a completely new development - the result of our work on the development of jet grinding technology. The final fineness of the sub - micron range material (for example: d 50 0.2 μm) can now be obtained on a jet mill.
Unlike traditional fluidized bed jet mills, s - Jet ® uses superheated, high pressure steam for grinding.
Since steam has a higher stall speed than air, the circumferential speed of the classifier rotor can be increased without a sharp increase in abrasive wear, which in turn leads to an increase in the centripetal acceleration of material particles in the classifier rotor. This possibility is fundamental and for the first time allowed the classifier to work with particles of the submicron range by dry grinding.
In addition, the system s - Jet ® has outstanding economic indicators: compared with air steam has a higher energy flow indicators. The flow velocity reaches 1200 m / s, i. e. the kinetic energy of collision of particles in a fluidized bed increases almost fourfold! This leads to a sharp increase in the specific productivity (in fact, to a doubling) compared to air jet mills at the same fineness. The use of natural gas instead of electricity can drastically reduce the energy component of costs (at least 4 times).


  • Finest dry grinding
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S-Jet 25 - Laboratory steam jet mill
S-Jet 25 - Laboratory steam jet mill
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