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Stretch ceilings Arth 44

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Stretch ceilings Arth 44

There are two types of stretch ceilings: from a welded vinyl film of PVC and fabric seamless.

Stretch ceiling from PVC

Ceilings are made of a vinyl film under the individual sizes and a configuration of the room. Production happens on production by welding of strips of polyvinylchloride from 1 to 5 meters wide on TVCh-machines. At installation the cloth of a stretch ceiling is warmed gas guns up to the temperature of 70 degrees then the film is softened, and it is stretched on previously mounted profile. PVC ceilings are delivered in different flowers and invoices (luster, sateen, a mat, suede etc.) . From PVC of a film it is possible to refer low frost resistance to shortcomings of ceilings (though for the heated rooms this factor does not matter) and smaller, in comparison with fabric ceilings, durability (most of producers claim that such ceilings will not manage to be punched, for example by a champagne cork). The distinctive advantage of such ceilings is water tightness (are easily restored after flooding) and esthetic appearance. The most popular invoices — glossy, opaque and sateen.

  • Glossy ceilings allow to achieve interesting effect from the point of view of design. Glossy ceilings have wide color scale. The distinctive characteristic — a specular reflection. For a smooth surface of a cloth the room visually increases. Shortcomings of glossy stretch ceilings, in comparison with opaque and, the line of a seam, more noticeable on a smooth surface, is sateen.
  • Opaque cloth — classical option. Such ceiling will easily fit into any interior and will not distract attention from decorative elements of the room. On opaque stretch ceilings there are no patches of light and reflections thanks to what they will precisely render any color chosen by you.
  • Sateen ceilings are similar with opaque, but a relief their smooth, thanks to it reflecting properties of a cloth amplify, and it seems is dazzling white. The sateen invoice gives easy reflection of light, the cloth gets almost nacreous shade. [2]

Textile stretch ceiling

Seamless ceilings represent a textile cloth of knitted weaving from a poliesterovy thread, the cloth evenly becomes impregnated with mix on the basis of polymer — polyurethane, then is wrung out, dries and calendered. A cloth of seamless ceilings are delivered by rolls up to 5 meters wide, individual adjustment under a configuration of rooms is not required. For installation the cloth is released necessary pogonazhy from a roll and without additional processing and heating is fixed in an assembly profile. Seamless ceilings are delivered both in white, and in color execution. Seamless ceilings according to strength characteristics approach traditional methods of finishing, are not afraid of negative temperatures.


  • High speed of installation and reduction of labor expenses as labor costs on all preparatory and finishing work connected directly with a ceiling surface which not only is very labor-consuming are completely excluded, but also can borrow sometimes about one week counting on one room depending on the used technology.
  • Ensuring protection of the room against water leakages from above.
  • Esthetic properties.
  • Fire safety.
  • An opportunity to introduce practically any design decisions.
  • Process of installation of stretch ceilings does not leave dirt and construction debris.
  • The masking effect. An opportunity to hide seams and household communications.


Shortcomings of PVC of ceilings

  • Vulnerability. It is easy to damage a cloth a sharp object, for example, the pallet during the work with walls
  • Impossibility of independent installation without the aid of special professional skills and the equipment

Shortcomings of seamless ceilings

  • Weak ability long time to detain water
  • Rather high price, in comparison with PVC a ceiling
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Stretch ceilings Arth 44
Stretch ceilings Arth 44
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