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Fixed Gas Detection Controller MX 62

Fixed Gas Detection Controller MX 62

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SIL3 and SIL2 according to EN50402:2006 and IEC61508:2011

Up to 64 secured channels for direct or network wiring

Direct network and loop connection

Redundancy from measurement to alarm relays

Functions AND, OR, MIN, MAX, Voting


An attractive solution for gas and flame detection needs, the MX 62 is a modular and flexible controller that is easy to install and reduces operational costs.

The MX 62 system meets the requirements of ATEX 100 A and offers the high level of security required by SK2 and SIL3 rated systems.

Cost Effective and Secure Installation

The structure of the MX 62 system has been developed to provide redundancy. Reliable data is passed quickly from the detectors to the relays.

Structured programming

The ConfigPro.exe software configures the MX 62 through a secure, password protected interface.

Saves Space and Optimizes Cost

  • Innovative design meets the new safety requirements

  • Modularity allows a personalized operation and custom wiring

  • Flexibility allows better integration with your system

  • High reliability ensures minimum maintenance

  • Programmable outputs reduce relay requirements


LED Module (A) 16 channels (8 channels standard)
  • 4 alarm thresholds

  • Reset/acknowledge

  • Power "on"

  • Fault

LCD Module (B) Up to 30 displays can be networked with the MX 62, allowing anywhere/anytime measurement display
  • Graphic, alphanumeric, high definition LCD

  • User-friendly display graphics

  • Data storage: (optional 5 days)

  • Can be remote via RS 485

Printer Module (C)

  • Printing alarms, relay operating status, fault, min/max average over 8 hours

  • Type ASCII, alphanumeric 40 or 80 characters

  • Parallel connection

CPU Module (D)

The CPU module is the heart of the system, with backup power supply and two processors.

Plug in the LED and LCD modules, or remote connection via RS485 (4 wires + shield).

  • Centralized management

  • Connection to different modules

  • Connection to an internal or external printer

Analog input Module (E) Analog signals from the detectors to be input into the control system. Dual converters ensure reliable and redundant operation.
  • Direct connection with the MX 62 system or remote via the adapter module

  • Up to 8 measurement points, 2 or 3 wire

Adapter Module (F)

  • Allows 3 operating modes :

    • Up to 16 addressable detectors in a loop configuration

    • Up to 8 addressable detectors combined with a remote analog module

    • Connection of 2 analog input modules

  • The module can be remote via 2 RS485 networks (2 x 4 wires + screened system)

Relay Module (G)

  • Fitted with 2 processors linked with the CPU

    • Principal module: 8 relays

    • Extension module: 8 relays

    • NO/NC contacts

    • Breaking capacity: 460 VA, 60 W

    • Positive safety individually programmable

  • The module can be remote via 2 RS485 (2 x 4 wires + screened system)

Analog Output Module (H)

  • Fitted with 2 processors linked with the CPU

    • Fitted with 8 analog 4-20 mA or 0-10 V outputs

  • Each output is programmed to transmit:

  • The real time value for one each input

  • The linearized value

  • Means or max for a detector group

  • Mimic module: open collector (56) suitable to drive LED mimic panel as per MX 62 channel

Communication Module (I)

  • Link to a supervisor for data exportation (PLC, DCS or SCADA)

  • Link with CPU via the RS 232

  • Personalized or Modbus protocol via RS 422

Optional communication splitter module available





Gas and flame monitor


64 secure channels per system
(128 channels per console)


Electric opening, box and console


High definition graphic alphanumeric LCD, remote and optional


Various possibilities : voting, boolean calculations, increasing and decreasing alarms, mean etc.


Visual Alarms:

Gas: 4 thresholds
Maintenance: calibration mode, fault, zero checking

Power "on"

Audible Alarms:

Via specialized relays


4-20 mA


4-20 mA
Relays (128 max.)


Centronix connection

Power supply:

24 V DC , 230 VAC (others on demand)
Dual power supply

Operating temperature:

15°C to +50°C

Rack dimensions:

H from 3U x L 19" x P 120mm


CE, SIL3 of EN 50402 and BSV 03 ATEXG002X


Programming software
Supervision software

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Fixed Gas Detection Controller MX 62
Fixed Gas Detection Controller MX 62
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