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Мат Wrestling
Купить Мат Wrestling "PRO" 50mm
Мат Wrestling "PRO" 50mm

Мат Wrestling "PRO" 50mm

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Россия, Ульяновск
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Quick Details
Place of Origin: Ulyanovsk Oblast, Russian Federation
Brand Name: ROSSAMBO
Model Number: Wrestling Mat &quot-PRO&quot- 50mm

SupplyAbility: 1000 Piece/Pieces per Month

Packaging & Delivery
Delivery Time 5-7 daysPort: Novorosiisk or Sankt-Peterburg RussiaLead Time: 5-7 days Product Description

Wrestling Mat &quot-PRO&quot- 50mm

Mat PROFI, 50mm
Mats for a wrestling Mat &quot-PRO&quot-, 50mm will be appreciated by fans of free-style wrestling and Greco-Roman wrestling. Also, this type of mats is optimal for training process with high intensity and competitions of professionals in Sambo, freestyle wrestling, Greco-Roman wrestling, mixed martial arts, kuresh, national wrestling. A distinctive feature of the carpet is increased stiffness and elasticity.

Mats wrestling Mat &quot-PRO&quot-.
Foam: Exclusive uoropolymer and light weight!

Cross-linked foam with closed cell structure provides maximum shock absorption.

Cross-linked foam does not harden or shrink, which allows it to maintain its efficiency throughout the life of the carpet.

Height of the Mat is 50 mm.

They are used as an element of soft flooring of professional wrestling Mat.

Dimensions 2 x 1 x 0.05 cm
Material of manufacture:
Chemically cross linked polyethylene foam, fabric, PVC

Type of mats:
PPE-X &quot-PRO&quot-

Length :
2 m

Width :
1 m

Thickness :
50 mm

Company Information

Wrestling Mat &quot-PRO&quot- 50mm

Wrestling Mat &quot-PRO&quot- 50mm


Sale of tatami, wrestling carpets and equipment for martial arts with a lifetime warranty

ROSHAMBO, is one of the fastest growing manufacturers of carpets wrestling in Russia, manufacturer of classic professional tatami for judo, martial arts and MMA.

Wrestling mats and tatamis, ROSAMBO used in many of the largest competitions and sports programs in the world, and we are trusted by some of the biggest names in the sports industry.

We can proudly say that all products of ROSHAMBO made in Russia!

Wrestling Mat &quot-PRO&quot- 50mm

ROSAMBO, the first specialized company, which has long and efficiently produces sports coverage for martial arts. We have exactly what you really need.

According to the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation 55 from 20/10 / 1998, this product is not refundable or exchangeable, but You get the right.

All products of ROSHAMBO meets the standards and requirements of these types of exercise equipment.
All our customers say, ROSHAMBO as a responsible and reliable partner.
With many photos and full reviews can be found in our office.

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Мат Wrestling "PRO" 50mm
Мат Wrestling
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